Pioneer Church Planting

This section has information on training resources for pioneer church planting.

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It has been exciting to see a surge in church planting happening around the world. I believe that planting churches, or should I say, planting churches well, is probably the most effective strategy for reaching those without Christ that there has ever been. Now that you know I’m pro-church planting,...
  • Church Planting & Pioneering Guide

    Stewardship's new Church Planting Brochure provides a helpful and practical reference guide that highlights areas of consideration that sometimes get overlooked. Stewardship provide a range of training, support services and accounts that are designed to meet the needs of new churches, charities and individuals in ministry. We want to encourage and support kingdom start-ups by helping to making giving easy, to inspire greater generosity and to strengthen Christian causes and our hope is that this guide can help you to establish a strong, healthy and generous work in your community.

  • Amnos Ministries / Amnos Church Planting School

    The mission of Amnos Ministries is to contribute to the re-evangelisation of the UK and Europe.
    Tel: 0300 11 11 242
  • Fresh Expressions

    Fresh Expressions seeks to transform communities and individuals through championing, resourcing and multiplying new ways of being church. We work with Christians from a broad range of denominations and traditions.
  • Rural Ministries

    We exist to provide support, guidance and renewed energy for churches and pioneers working in rural communities across the UK.