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Location: Various Locations
Finance: Voluntary, Cost (a payment is required), Personal Support
Duration: Less than 3 months, 3‑12 months, Over 12 months
Activity: Arts, Children & Youth, Evangelism & Discipleship, Information Technology, Relief & Development
Posted: 8 Jun 2021
Closes: Open-ended

Short-term Mission Placements

WEC International

WEC offers to arrange short-term individual cross-cultural experiences, placing you or your family alongside our experienced workers, serving in WEC teams in nearly half the world's nations.

Join an experienced cross-cultural worker, whether just for 2 weeks or 18 months, as they serve the Lord in a front-line mission situation. Learn from their wisdom and get involved in a ministry related to your interests, training and abilities. This often proves to be an ideal way for you or your family to investigate a possible long-term career in cross-cultural mission.

WEC UK's Short-Term Mission programmes are geared to fuel your passion for God through hands-on mission.

  • For a Solo short-term trip, we aim to match your gifts and time-frame, to design your short term cross-cultural mission experience. We will place you alongside an experienced missionary in any one of over 80 countries, where you can learn from them, serve God alongside them, share the good news and grow in your faith.
  • You might want to send a team from your church: a group of up to ten volunteers, sent to a strategic location for two or three weeks all from the same church.
  • Our ArtsRelease ministry offers short-term internships in music, drama and visual arts, and our Betel ministry offers longer internships discipling those coming out of addictions.
  • When our missionaries and their families around the world meet for their annual conference in some amazing places, they provide an opportunity for you to support them by running a holiday club for their children, while they in turn will share their stories and invite you to see and experience what they do.
  • WEC's Neighbours Worldwide teams are partnering with local churches to work cross-culturally with Sikhs, Hindus, and Muslims in over 13 UK cities: Belfast, Birmingham, Bradford, Bristol, Burnley, Derby, Gloucester, Hull, Leicester, Manchester, North London, Walsall and Wolverhampton, with other cities offering an open door.

Search for a specific activity or skill-set, in our sample list of current vacant roles and suggested ministry opportunities: wec-uk.org/opportunities

Then contact us for a chat. Tell us where you'd like to go, what you feel able to do, and how long you are available. We will try to find an appropriate placement that will suit your capacity and interests and time slot. This process usually takes about 6 months, so contact us now.


WEC Shortterm UK follows the Global Connections' Code of Best Practice for shortterm mission.

Please mention OSCAR when responding.

WEC International

Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins & peace with God, to displace hatred with love. WEC International takes that news in peace to the peoples of the nations who have yet to hear it. Journey with us in WEC's faith-based fellowship.
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