Pioneers UK
Location: Southern Europe
Finance: Personal Support
Duration: Open‑ended / Permanent
Activity: Arts, Children & Youth, Education & Training, Relief & Development, Sports & Leisure
Posted: 13 May 2022
Closes: 31 Aug 2022

Share Jesus amongst the Basque

Pioneers UK

Do you have a heart to see an unreached people group become reached?Are you called to serve amongst an unreached people group but are not sure in what specific role? Are you innovative, entreprenial, enthuiastic and eager to see God’s Kingdom expressed on earth?

Then you may be the ‘Goer’ we are looking for. The Basques are an unreached people group. The Basque Country consists of endless opportunities for ministry and we have a Launch Team to help you begin your work here.

We are looking for people who want to serve in the area of: humanitarian aid, networking, music, outdoor and sports ministry, business management, computers and technology, counseling, yoga, chef, photography, new sustainable projects, farming, English language teaching, hiking, water sports, artists, leaders and servants.

Have giftings, interests, skills, etc perhaps not listed above? Contact us and we will let you know if it could be a fit here! We are always looking for more ways to build the kingdom and strengthen our efforts, and we rejoice in the way God has equipped the body in different ways. We also need people willing to assume pioneering and leadership roles in the coming years to lead teams being launched out.

Please mention OSCAR when responding.

Pioneers UK

Pioneers mobilises teams to glorify God amongst unreached peoples by initiating church planting movements in partnership with local churches.
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