WEC International
Location: Canada
Finance: Voluntary
Duration: Less than 3 months
Activity: Information Technology, Media & Communications
Posted: 4 May 2021
Closes: Open-ended

Python Web Programmer for AI-controlled advertising

WEC International

Help a Middle East ministry to edit code for a large website. You will work closely with a Christian AI consultant to implement his code and check changes. The project deals with membership and internal adverts. The AI will monitor individual members, and then choose what adverts they see, based on their spiritual interest. The team's ministry is attracting Muslims to question Islam and attract them to Jesus, whilst also producing discipleship material for those who already believe. We are using AI to identify each user's spiritual interest, in order to direct other webpages in the same website to them to peak their spiritual interest, whilst also filtering uninterested Muslims from being overwhelmed with spiritual material which might deter them from returning. Already we have around 500 webpages, and around 100 videos in our online cinema.

This position is unsalaried, as all WEC personnel look to God to provide their personal needs. WEC ref 11849

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Please mention OSCAR when responding.

WEC International

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