Mission Aviation Fellowship
Location: Papua New Guinea
Finance: Salary/Allowance, Personal Support
Duration: Over 12 months
Activity: Practical & Technical, Relief & Development, Social Action
Posted: 14 Sep 2021
Closes: 30 Nov 2021

Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineers - Uganda and Papua New Guinea

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Our aircraft land on some of the most challenging terrain you can imagine. Safety is?key so the skill set?that an engineer brings to our aircraft is essential.?We operate mainly Single Engine Turbine and Single Engine Piston aircraft.?

If you are interested in combining your engineering skills with the opportunity for mission this could be the job for you.

Andy one of our engineers writes;

In the hangar, our typical days usually involve inspections. Much of our work is preventative so by carrying out inspections every 50 or 100 operational hours, we are able to catch most things before they become problems. Since our Uganda programme is quite big, we?re also able to take on some bigger projects too, that might involve delving into parts of an aircraft not normally opened, to replace entire avionics systems with new digital ?glass cockpit? packages, or stripping all of the paint off an aircraft to carry out structural repairs then repaint in our new colour scheme.

Full role specification:

To perform efficient and effective maintenance and repair of aircraft and associated systems by:

  • Performing all work in accordance with applicable standards and practices.

  • Participating in team decisions and activities.

  • Certifying work as required

  • Completing all required documentation

To support the effective performance, development and training of the aviation maintenance team in co-ordination with the Chief Engineer by:

  • Working with individuals to facilitate their effective performance through appropriate?monitoring and support;
  • Supporting progress with clear feedback, coaching, mentoring or training, as appropriate in co-operation with the Chief Engineer.

To actively participate in the Quality and Safety Management Systems by:

  • Seeking opportunities for continual improvement

  • Co-operating with Quality Audits as applicable

  • Utilizing the Problem Reporting system

  • Using safe working practices including the use of PPE

To participate in the spiritual life of MAF by:

  • Attending corporate daily meeting to hear about the work of MAF and to spend time in prayer and worship with other staff members;
  • Participating in spiritual sessions of prayer and biblical reflection within the team;
  • Demonstrating commitment to the vision, purpose, values and beliefs of MAF;
  • Actively working and living in-accordance?with the evangelical Christian beliefs of MAF;
  • Maintaining your own spiritual development

Qualifications, Skills & Experience

  • Secondary School completion certificate

  • ICAO Aircraft Maintenance Engineer Licence

  • Completion of approved aircraft maintenance engineer pre-employment course
  • Aptitude in verbal, non-verbal, numerical and mechanical reasoning

  • 5 years of aviation maintenance experience (can be concurrent with obtaining licence)

  • Human Factors in Aviation Maintenance

There is an occupational requirement for overseas staff to be committed Christians, sent and supported by their home Church, and able to support and promote the Christian ethos and beliefs of MAF as a mission organisation through taking part in Christian activities such as Church events, prayer meetings etc. All roles (unless otherwise specified) require some personal support raising to be carried out under the guidance and training of MAF UK. 

To apply now go to: https://www.maf-uk.org/work-with-us

Please mention OSCAR when responding.

Mission Aviation Fellowship

Mission Aviation Fellowship is a Christian organisation whose mission is to fly light aircraft in developing countries so that people in remote areas can receive the help they need.
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