WEC International
Location: Western Asia (Middle East)
Finance: Personal Support, Voluntary
Duration: Open‑ended / Permanent
Activity: Evangelism & Discipleship
Posted: 20 Jul 2021
Closes: Open-ended

Evangelist to Tourists

WEC International

Most Muslims in this modern nation have never talked to a Christian. Generally people like talking about religion and asking questions. There are opportunities to sometimes go on organised outreaches. This entails meeting to pray and then going out two-by-two onto the streets and seasides praying for people, giving out Bibles and sharing the Gospel to strangers. There are natural conversations that come from daily activities, curious neighbours and travel. Tourism is big here, so travelling that way is ideal to start conversations with people. With so much Christian history and archaeology to show tourists, it is easy to get onto the subject of the Bible and tell New Testament stories.

Commitment 2+ years. This position is unsalaried, as all WEC personnel look to God to provide their personal needs. WEC ref 14380

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Please mention OSCAR when responding.

WEC International

Christ came to bring forgiveness of sins & peace with God, to displace hatred with love. WEC International takes that news in peace to the peoples of the nations who have yet to hear it. Journey with us in WEC's faith-based fellowship.
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