Credit Crunch Telecoms: A New Approach to Staying Connected

by Simon Millions
Posted on 1st April 2009

Now that the recession is 'official', people are cutting back even more on unnecessary expenditure, turning away from onerous long term contracts and looking to save money wherever possible.

Increasing numbers are opting to rent rather than buy across a whole range of products from cars to laptops. But have you ever thought of this as a valid alternative when it comes to your communication requirements?

Why rent?
Do you have key staff that travel abroad for business, or attend infrequent events and seminars? If so, then providing them with year-round mobile broadband access on their laptops or letting them 'roam' abroad on UK airtime won't be remotely cost effective.

If you employ temporary staff at certain times of the year, it makes no sense financially, to commit to 24 month mobile contracts for these people.

With increasing pressure to reduce operating expenditure, renting equipment and airtime as and when it's needed has never made more sense.

Cellhire's credentials
Cellhire is the world leader in mobile rental solutions, with a worldwide fleet of over 55,000 SIM cards, handsets and devices available for hire at any given time.

Strategic relationships with O2 and Vodafone, plus service agreements with more than 100 network partners in over 40 countries, ensure that we can service your requirements on a truly global scale.

International SIM card rental
When traveling abroad, renting 'local' airtime rather than roaming on your existing UK handset and SIM can lead to significant savings of 70% and more.

And that's on outgoing calls - few people are aware that they could well be incurring charges of well over £1 a minute on incoming call traffic as well as the exorbitant rates on calls they make back home.

Cellhire has 'local' airtime solutions for many countries and the service is already used by thousands of satisfied customers - businesses and residential clients alike.

SIM card rental costs just £5 a week, there's no top-up fee, no minimum call spend and no long term commitment. You also have the option of forwarding calls from your UK number, so you don't miss anything whilst you are away from the UK. We've even illustrated the savings that can be made, by destination, on our website.

Mobile broadband rental
'Flexible working' means different things to different people. For some it may equate to a life spent permanently away from the office. But for others it may mean having to have broadband access to emails and the web, at a specific trade show, or for a business trip abroad once a quarter.

'Liberating your laptop' in such circumstances certainly doesn't warrant entering into a binding 24 month contract, in increasingly uncertain times.

Cellhire can provide customers with 'unlimited' mobile broadband for anything from a week up to several months. Our modems are simply 'plug and play' so there's no technical knowledge required.

International options also exist for foreign travellers, helping to reduce the price of roamed data - wireless web and email access - outside of the UK.

And as with all of our rental solutions, you simply hire for as long as you need, reducing cost, whilst still retaining the ability to communicate whilst away from the office.

Satellite handsets
Most of Cellhire's business is around the provision of local SIM cards and mobile broadband. But satellite phones represent an important part of our portfolio too.

Satellite handsets have 2 similar but distinct purposes; to provide communication both where and when traditional network technologies simply aren't able to.

The where relates to remote areas of both the UK and the world generally, where no traditional network coverage exists. Intrepid adventurers and the armed forces for example, are able to keep in touch from some of the most far-flung corners of the world, by utilising satellite connectivity.

The when applies to emergency situations when landline connectivity has failed and mobile networks either aren't functioning, or have been commandeered by the emergency services, as happened with the 7/7 bombings in London, or with Hurricane Ike in the US for example.

Satellite handsets can form an important part of business continuity planning for public sector organisations and for private companies in sectors such as media, that need to retain 24/7 connectivity.

Cellhire offers satellite phone rental for specific expeditions or in circumstances where landline and mobile network coverage fail to function.

Industry leading service provision
At Cellhire, our 'Customer First' ethos underpins everything that we do. We realise that whilst some clients want to self-serve, others require expert advice and guidance, through the purchasing process and beyond.

Our new website outlines our products and services in more detail and also features case studies and testimonials from some of our many satisfied customers.

Simon Millions is Marketing Manager of Cellhire Plc. More info visit