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Children in Families


Children In Families (CIF) is a Christian nonprofit local organization based in Cambodia that provides family-based care for orphans and vulnerable children. We also advocate locally and globally for the belief that the best place for children to grow up is in a loving family. 

Latest Opportunity:

Opportunity Details

Work from Home
Finance: Voluntary
Duration: 3‑12 months
Activity: Media & Communications
Posted: 5 Aug 2021
Closes: 31 Oct 2021

Rok Kern Communication Officer

Rok Kern is looking for a native English speaker who can volunteer for the project for few hours a week to create social media contents and write some blog post.


  • Rok Kern Learning Academy

    Rok Kern is a project of Children In Families Cambodia, have developed a series of courses to equip volunteers, short-termers, churches and school to learn more about the work of poverty alleviation, caring for vulnerable children and ethical voluntourism to discover what it means to love God and others.
    The courses are designed together as a tool to re-evaluate our understanding of how we can better respond to poverty, charity and justice, and to transform our way of caring for at risk children.
    Tel: +855 31 4323 223
    Location: Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Ethical Communications Online Learning Course with Rok Kern Learning Academy

    Going on a mission trip, for sure our friends, church and family member can wait to hear from us. This course will give us a tool to reflect on “An image tells a thousand stories” with dignity and respect as they are equally created by God. And help participants to understand the complexities of communication in a cross cultural setting and help them to establish the importance of the key ideas of dignity and informed consent and to equip them to communicate ethically.
    Tel: +855 31 4323 223
    Location: Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Introduction to Biblical Foundation Online Learning Course with Rok Kern Learning academy

    This is not an exhaustive theological course, but rather an overview of the fundamentals of faith and our response to living out the gospel through answering the call to justice & shalom.

    This course is to help build an understanding of how our faith leads us to respond, why it is integral to the gospel and our declaration of faith in Christ through a series of bible studies and reflections and to identify the difference approaches of serving and models of mission to countries around the world.
    Tel: +855 31 4323 223
  • From Orphanage Manager to Family based care advocate Online Learning Course with Rok Kern Learning Academy

    With the word orphan some of us will think of kids without parents or someone to care for. But in some countries, their definition is different. We are going to learn from the journal of Caleb and Courtney on their trips to Cambodia and the importance of family-based care.

    In this course we're going to identify the current state of orphanages globally, the shift for of organizations around the globe from institutional care to family based care and new approaches to care for vulnerable children.
    Tel: +855 31 4323 223
    Location: Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Children Belong In Families--Online Webinar with Rok Kern

    If you and your team and church is looking for a webinar to help you to understand more the current trend of orphanages globally and identifying the difference approaches to care for vulnerable children and dig deeper into why family is the best place for them to grow up.

    Sign up now to this webinar by emailing to our team leader at, or visit our website to book your space or if you have any questions.
    Tel: +855 31 4323 223
    Location: Khan Meanchey, Phnom Penh, Cambodia