Agencies A-Z

A directory of Christian organisations which are involved in mission activity around the world.

  • Y Care International

    Volunteering overseas at no cost to you. Discover the world, learn new skills and help fight poverty with Y Care International on the International Citizen Service.
  • Yeldall Manor

    Yeldall Manor is all about recovery for life – men finding freedom from addiction so that they can go on to live life to the full.
    Tel: 0118 940 4411
  • YKids

    Our vision for the transformation of Bootle is through its young people.
    Tel: 0151 9442111
  • YMCA Exeter

    We are passionate about empowering young people in their time of need and creating supportive communities where they can belong, contribute and thrive.
    Tel: 01392 410530
  • Young Life International

    Since 1941, Young Life has been making a difference in the lives of young people around the world due to the invitation and support of adults who care about the young people in their community.
    Tel: 01582 589840
  • Your People My People

    Promoting ministries in Israel, designed to help you connect with organisations that need your support and to promote identification with the Jewish roots of the Christian faith through communication and media.
  • Youth for Christ

    Youth for Christ are about seeing young people's lives changed by Jesus. By showing Jesus in a way which is relevant to every young person in Britain. In places like schools, prisons, churches and local communities; using sport, music, arts etc
    Tel: 0121 502 9620
  • Youth for Christ Europe, Middle-East & North Africa Area

    Youth for Christ is a worldwide Christian movement working with young people around the globe. Motivated by our own faith we give young people everywhere the opportunity to be followers of Jesus Christ.
    Tel: 028 9756 0021
  • Youth For Christ Gloucestershire

    Supporting young people of any or no faith across the county. Each month, YFC Gloucestershire has approximately 1500 interactions with young people in youth clubs, schools and churches through a variety of work.
  • Youth With A Mission - England

    YWAM's vision is to cover the world with waves of young people, reaching out to all who do not yet know Jesus. YWAM has bases in over 140 countries.
    Tel: 01582 463300
  • Youth With A Mission - Ireland

    We’re a missional community in 3 different locations: urban Belfast and rural Closkelt in Northern Ireland, and urban Dublin in the Republic of Ireland. Visit our website to find out about our training (DTS, SPLD) and outreach opportunities!
    Tel: 028 4173 8492
  • Youth With A Mission - Scotland

    The Scotland chapter of YWAM International. Features links to all YWAM locations in Scotland, photos, and articles.
    Tel: 01294 829400
  • YouthCompass Europe

    YouthCompass serves internationally mobile youth by providing Christian role models, creating opportunities to serve and promoting open dialog on faith and identity. We offer TCKs a place to belong and help equip them to be people of global influence.