Agencies A-Z

A directory of Christian organisations which are involved in mission activity around the world.

  • Vennture

    Formerly Hereford City Mission, Vennture remains a Christian cross-church initiative, loving those who are marginalised or vulnerable.
    Tel: 0330 202 0730
  • Vila Maninga

    A small registered Christian charity working in rural Mozambique. It runs a project with foster homes for orphans, a Bible College, a Primary School, adult literacy, healthcare. There are occasionally possibilities for volunteer work in teams.
    Tel: 07801523461
  • Vision Africa

    Vision Africa equips and empowers disadvantaged children and young people in Kenya towards a brighter future.
    Tel: 0770 627 6331
  • Vision for Asia

    Vision for Asia is a interdenominational Mission based in South Germany working in 10 Southeast Asian Countries. VFA aims to raise up, release and provide spiritual cover for national ministries. Reaching the Unreached is our motto.
    Tel: 0049 9665 9021000
  • Vision for China

    Vision for China incorporates the Teachers for China programme offering various opportunities to work in China, including a short-term 'Summer in China' programme which includes a 3-4 week visit as part of a team.
    Tel: 01306 631 440
  • Viva

    Passionate about releasing children from poverty and abuse worldwide.
    Tel: 01865 811660
  • Volunteer Missionary Movement

    VMM is a lay Christian organisation with offices in England & Wales, Ireland, Scotland and the USA. VMM was formed in 1969 to recruit, prepare, send and support skilled and qualified people in their work overseas.