Agencies A-Z

A directory of Christian organisations which are involved in mission activity around the world.

  • Narthex Sparkhill

    Narthex Sparkhill is a Charitable Company that works to promote inter cultural harmony.
    Tel: 0121 753 1959
  • Nations Trust

    A community of people in prayer and action for world evangelisation. The founding, training, and development of new indigenous mission movements.
    Tel: 01554 778035
  • Navigators UK

    Organisationally the Navigators is a worldwide mission partnership existing in over a hundred countries.
    Tel: 02380 558800
  • Nepal Leprosy Trust

    Nepal Leprosy Trust is a UK-based Christian agency that provides services to people affected by leprosy in the country of Nepal.
    Tel: 020 8940 1200
  • Nes Ammim

    Nes Ammim is a village in the North of Israel, situated between Haifa and the border to Lebanon. It was founded and is inhabited by a Christian community of European volunteers. We live and work with Israeli neighbours and colleagues, Jews and Arabs.
    Tel: 00972 (0) 4 9950066
  • NetWorks

    Networks works with young people and families living in extreme poverty (many of whom are Roma) in village communities and in inner city ghettos. Families can be homeless or, live in cramped houses, with no water, no drainage and mud floors.
    Tel: 0114 236 6859
  • New Foundations

    Christian medical mission to the people of the Niger Delta
    Tel: 01354 661922
  • New Frontiers International

    Newfrontiers is a group of apostolic leaders partnering together on global mission, joined by common values and beliefs, shared mission and genuine relationships.
    Tel: 01273 234555
  • New Hope Uganda

    Through our various initiatives, New Hope Uganda reaches orphaned, vulnerable, abandoned and special needs children and their communities with the Gospel of Jesus and the Fatherhood of God.
    Tel: n/a
  • New Life Home Trust

    New Life Home Trust is a Christian organisation registered in Kenya, UK and USA; operating in Kenya with a mandate to give compassionate care to vulnernable children. Particularly to babies born HIV positive.
  • New Sight

    Helping the Blind and Visually Impaired by Pioneering a non-profit Eye Surgical Centre in the Republic of Congo.
    Tel: 0113 240 1238
  • New Team

    New Team - alongside young people on the streets of Govan.
  • New Testament Ministries Unlimited

    Who are we? An international team of Gospel workers What do we do? Preaching, Teaching and Planting churches.
    Tel: 0151 632 2439
  • New Tribes Mission

    Planting tribal churches. Of the world's 6,500 people groups, 2,500 are still unreached. New Tribes Mission UK helps local churches train, coordinate and send missionaries to these tribes. 
    Tel: 01472 387700
  • Newbigin House

    Welcome to Newbigin House- a seed bed for urban change
  • NewDay United

    We are motivated to bring hope, help and healing to the people of Africa by the words of Jesus.
  • Next Level International Eurasia

    NLI (Next Level International) Eurasia is a charitable organization focused on planting dynamic, ‘community-impacting’ churches throughout Eurasia (Europe and Western Asia). 
    Tel: n/a
  • Nexus Institute of Creative Arts

    Our courses are designed from the ground up to meet a variety of training needs for Christian musicians and technicians. All contain a focus of study on popular music alongside theology and worship education.
  • Nicodemus Trust

    Nicodemus Trust works with young people who are marginalised and living in extreme poverty in the UK and Guatemala.
  • NKandBeyond

    NK&Beyond aims to reach North Korea and the nations beyond its borders with the gospel through practical and spiritual means. We conduct short term medical missions to North Korean borders and we constantly look for health care professionals to join.
    Tel: (44) (0) 161 211 6271
  • Novi Most International

    Novi Most International is a Christian mission agency working with young people in Bosnia Herzegovina.
    Tel: 01494 793242